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How to Play

How to Play "Pegs (or Marbles) and Jokers" Game

Object: To move all five pegs, clockwise around the board, from your START position to your HOME position. First player (or team) to have all their pegs in the HOME position wins the game!

Players: 2 to 8 players. Each player uses 1 game paddle and selects a peg color. Pegs are placed in your START position to begin (Fig. 1). If playing teams, divide 8 players into 2 teams of 4 players -or- 4 teams of 2 players and use 3 decks of cards including Jokers. 4 players have 2 teams of 2 players and 2 decks with Jokers. 2 players use 4 paddles, 1 deck and remove Jokers.

Dealing: Shuffle cards including jokers. Each player is dealt 5 cards face down. Remaining deck is placed face down in center. Discards are shuffled and placed on the bottom of the draw pile as that pile is depleted.

Card Values:

  • Ace moves forward 1 space -or- brings 1 man out from START.
  • K,Q or J moves forward 10 spaces -or- brings 1 man out from START.
  • 2 moves forward 2 spaces -or- exchange positions with another peg on the playing board.
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 or 10 moves forward face value of card.
  • 7 moves forward 7 spaces -or- split between 2 pegs to total 7 spaces forward.
  • 8 moves backward 8 spaces.
  • 9 moves forward 9 spaces -or- split between 2 pegs, 1 forward and 1 back to total 9 spaces.
  • Joker – 2 pegs must be moved. You may take a man from your START or any other peg of yours in play and bump (replace) another player. Your opponent’s man is sent to his START to start over. If playing teams, your team’s man goes to the entrance of his HOME position (Fig.3-red dot).

To play: Player to the left of dealer starts the game. If he has an Ace or Face card in hand, he brings a man out of his START to his starting position (see Fig. 3-green dot), discarding the card used and draws a new card. If he is unable to bring a man out, he discards a card from his hand, draws a new card and waits for his next turn. On his next turn, if he has a man in a playing position, he moves forward or backward the appropriate number of spaces, discards that card and draws a new card. You must discard a card and draw a new card each turn. You must use the full count of the card played. You must move if you have a play, even though it may not be to your advantage. You may not jump over your own man.

If your man moves forward or back and lands on a space occupied by your team’s man, that man is bumped to the entrance of his HOME (see Fig. 3-red dot). If you bump your opponents man, he returns to his START and has to begin again.

You must use the exact number of spaces to move into HOME (Fig. 2), except when using a 7 or 9. You can not jump over your own man to move further into HOME. Once a man is in his HOME position, he is HOME and can’t be bumped. You can not back into HOME. If moving backward, go past HOME, then forward into your HOME on your next turn. When entering the HOME position, if your only move is for more spaces then what’s in HOME, you can not enter HOME and must go around again! When playing in teams, you first must get all your pegs into HOME. Then you can help your teammate on your left. Once all of his men are in his HOME, then you help the remaining teammate. First team to have all their men in their HOME’s win!!!

pegs-and-jokers-configuration-2.pngNote: Game rules may vary. Different people may have variations to the rules. If so, just take a majority vote and keep the peace!


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