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June Blog Contest Winner

Posted by Denise Vanausdoll on

We have our June Blog Contest winners!

Congratulation to Fern and Ollie R. from Georgetown, TX. They have shared their story of "Happy Travelers"

Thank you for your extra ordinary design of “Pegs and Jokers”.

We have always been a family of games, cards, board games, etc. Our son and daughter and grand children are all fond of this game. Also our sisters love to play. All of these people are in other states so our Jokers game has been many, many miles away from Texas.

Our Joker box has traveled to Missouri, Nebraska, Alabama and South Carolina during the first year of our purchase. We will be taking it with us in July to Anchorage, Alaska to visit our son who is bringing his 2 sons and wives for a week of fishing and family fun.

When we moved to our 55 and older active-adult community here in Central Texas we first heard of "Joker" at our New Years Eve Party of games in the clubhouse. We did not get to play that evening as there was only one table set up. Finally one of the couples began a group playing the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. We found it totally entertaining and loved the strategy process involved. We now have 6 tables of four players at each card table. We hold our group in the library/meeting room and it only can handle 6 card tables. So it is first to RSVP until 24 players are signed up. We also formed a group of 4 couples on our street who meet in one home or the other for time of playing.

In checking out boards of other members I was referred to your website. I found the design of your boards superior to any of the designs our local group was using. I like the size and means of interlocking to be the best. We are near a Sun City Senior Community and their woodworkers have several designs among those of the local group. However, when I brought our Pegs and Jokers of the "rainbow" colors, several people were captured by the beauty and functioning of Wizard Woodworks Joker boards and asked how to purchase a set.

We use pegs for one team and marbles for the second team to assist in identifying partners at a glance. This is particularly advantageous when the table has 6 players and 2 teams. Also we have found that we can easily play individual players using 3 or 5 boards. This makes for some challenging times as each is their own "team."

Thank you again for creating a high-quality and beautiful Joker Marbles and Pegs game with all of the extras, cards, instructions, bags and sturdy carrying box.

Fern and Ollie R.

Thank you Fern and Ollie for sharing your story with us. Great idea using both the pegs and the marbles to distinguish your teams!

Fern and Ollie have won a $75 Wizard Woodworks Gift Certificate that can be used towards a future game purchase. Be sure to keep sending in your pictures and stories, and we'll pick a new winner each month. You could be our next $75 winner for July!

Send us an Email or via our Contact Page and title it "Blog Contest" and we'll consider it for our next blog!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Denise and Ron

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